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​Learn all about the legislation we are watching and how YOU can take action along with us!

Find your State House and Senate Representatives here. Then write a letter, send an email and/or make a phone call using the scripts and templates provided, Be sure to include the House Bill/Senate Bill Numbers. 

What We're Watching

Local, State, & Federal Elections

      • 2022 Elections -US Senators & Representatives, Governor, Attorney General, Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Chief Financial Officer, State Senators & Representatives, Florida Supreme Court Justices, District Courts of Appeals Judges, Circuit Judges, County Judges, School Board, Soil & Water Conservation, Special Districts, Community Development Districts, Atlantic Beach Mayor & Commissioners, Baldwin Town Council, Jacksonville Beach Council, & Neptune Beach Councilor
          • Primaries
            • Early Voting: August 8 - 21, 2022
            • Election Day: August 23, 2022
          • General
            • Early Voting: October 24 - November 6, 2022
            • Election Day: November 8, 2022
        • 2023 Elections - Mayor, Sheriff, Supervisor of Elections, Property Appraiser, Tax Collector, & City Council
          • First Election: March 21, 2023
          • General Election: May 16, 2023


        • Removal of Confederate Monuments
        • Redistricting: Redistricting occurs when the boundaries of electoral districts are redrawn. It’s done every 10 years following the U.S. Census.


        • HB7 - Individual Freedoms Act
          • Register for trainings in July on how to remain compliant and still create a welcoming work space.