Understanding the past helps our community break down the barriers to opportunities for everyone.

Our Goals

Acknowledge the truth about our racial history and its current impacts.

Commit to honest dialogue, truth, and reconciliation about race and racism in our communities.

Take actions necessary to address persistent systemic racism and inequities.

Have diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities.

Help end racism so everyone thrives.

Current Projects & Initiatives

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Race Cards

An inclusive community begins with understanding each other better. The Race Cards are a tool to get us there.


Jacksonville Community Remembrance Project

Acknowledging and commemorating the lives of people who were lynched during the era of racial terror.


Community Forums & Learning

Opportunities to learn from diverse community stakeholders and learn new information and skills to dismantle racism.

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Center for Corporate & Community Equity

Work within businesses, organizations and communities to address racial disparities and create equitable solutions that improve the quality of life for everyone.

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An 8-Part series looking back at decades of outcomes for communities of color in demographic changes, health, housing, justice & the legal system, employment, media, and politics & civic engagement.

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Equity Advocacy

Learn all about the legislation we are watching and how you can take action along with us!