Center for Corporate and Community Equity

Back view of large group of business people on a seminar in a board room. Focus is on black woman who is raising her hand in order to ask something.

The Center is designed to work within businesses, organizations and communities to address racial disparities and create equitable solutions that improve the quality of life for everyone.

From making corporations more profitable by creating more welcoming and productive work environments to addressing specific health issues by individual communities, the Center for Corporate and Community Equity is creating tailor-made solutions to address specific challenges and systems so that everyone can thrive.

Consulting Services

From standard DEI trainings that comply with HB7 to tailored trainings to address specific issues in your organization, we have the training solutions for you.

Equity Audit
Through a thorough organizational examination, we can craft a tailored plan to address your specific needs with concrete and practical solutions to improve workplace climate, efficiency, and productivity.

Managers challenged in building and leading diverse teams? Have new leaders not yet skilled in capitalizing on the range of viewpoints and experiences of their staff? We can provide coaching sessions to better navigate challenges and yield your desired results.

Inspiration has struck

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