Attn: Caring Community Members Who Want To End Racism

Yes! I'm Ready To..

Engage In Honest Conversation About Racial Justice, Racial Healing, And/Or Racial Equity.

Gain Knowledge And Understanding Of Other’s Experiences, And

Get More Resolve About What You Can Personally Do To Combat Racism And Advocate For Racial Healing!

I Understand That When I Donate Today, I get Instant Access to 904WARD’s Community Services and Programs to create an end to racism so everyone can thrive, which includes:

The Race Cards:

The goal of the Race Cards is to facilitate honest, authentic discussion around race in a way that is accessible to everyone.

Race In Retrospect

An 8-part series looking back at decades of disparities and failed efforts to address them.

The Jacksonville Community Remembrance Project:

Duval County has seven documented lynchings; the Jacksonville Community Remembrance Project is working to add detail and additional information to what is currently known about them and identifying living descendants of the victims.

Too often, discussions about race either stay at surface-level or happen only among audiences steeped in knowledge about sociology, history, systemic racism and privilege.

Explore the topics of racial justice, learn more about the history and the current impact with a diverse group made up of people committed to creating a community of inclusion for all of Jacksonville, FL’s residents

I Also Understand That

To Be Part Of An Inclusive Community Committed To Understanding Each Other Better So We Can End Racism In Jacksonville

I understand that the regular price for all this is $50, $100, $5000+...
But, when I donate today, a donation of any size makes a difference!

Mail a Check or Money Order:
Payable to 904WARD
40 East Adams Street
Suite 34
Jacksonville, FL 32202


How Your Contribution Makes a Difference

Dr. Kimberly Allen

P.S. - Every minute you wait to get community services and programming to end racism so everyone can thrive is another minute racism and the increasing violence that is coming with that, continues.
Put the power of 904WARD’s Services and Programs to work for you so you can quickly and easily engage in honest conversation about racial justice, racial healing, and/or racial equity; gain knowledge and understanding of other’s experiences; and get more resolve about what you can personally do to combat racism and advocate for racial healing!