Our Past. Our Legacy. Our City.

Jacksonville is turning 200 years old!

In 2022, Jacksonville is celebrating its 200th year as a city. In those 200 year and more, our city has experienced tremendous growth, innovation, and increased diversity. It also has experienced its share of growing pain, including racism. 904WARD plans to commemorate our city’s 200 years by helping our community to host 200 Race Cards conversations. Our goal is to have small conversations on a massive scale throughout all of 2022 so that our city can begin to heal from racial wounds and build the kind of future where everyone sees pieces of themselves woven into our city’s fabric.


We need you to host conversations!

Sign up below to host at least two Race Cards conversations in your organization, company, place of worship, neighborhood and home. Just fill out the form below to get access to our all-inclusive host packet and help us to reach 200 Conversations!

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